Four sample test cases

In the subdirectory test_problems , you will find everything you need for running four different configurations of the model.


- Equatorial pacific (81 x 40 x 10)

control file: eq_pac tios file: eq.tios ingrid file: key features: Dake's mixed Layer Hybrid vertical coordinate, 8 sigma layers at top Flat Bottom, with bottom friction, no barotropic PBL with North/South sponge

- Periodic channel with ridge (20 x 50 x 6)

control file: chan_ridge tios file: chan.tios ingrid file: key features: Isopycnal Diffusion and Gent-McWilliams parameterization Barotropic stream function in periodic channel no surface forcing except cosine wind Variable Topography

- Global simulation (180 x 80 x 11)

control file: global tios file: gl.tios ingrid file: key features: Periodic PBL Barotropic with islands (Australia, Antarctica and New Zealand) North/South sponge Variable Topography