The Ice


Our thermodynamic ice model is constructed after Oberhuber et al.

The code consists of subroutines that allow the extension of the AML of Seager et al. to an ice covered ocean. Moreover, the 1-D thermodynamic properties of the ice such as thickness, heat content and concentration are computed using a Hibler-Oberhuber type formulation.

The main subroutine, called HTFLUXICE, uses a 1-D thermodynamical ice model called ICETHERMO and a modified AML called HTFLUXI that calls several solvers.


The advection of the ice consists of code for computing the forcing terms for ice momentum equation where the ice pressure and air/water drag is based on Hibler 1989 rheology, and uses the ocean advection routines for moving the stuff around.

- Martin Visbeck and Bob Newton, LDEO, August 22, 1996